Announcement: Full Token Release Completion + Surprise Event

By December 5, 2018 English

EdenChain is proud to announce the completion of a major milestone in our journey to becoming the world’s leading permissioned blockchain solution – the full token release!

As of December 5th, 2018 (PST) all EDN tokens have been fully distributed to token sale participants. Since the final two months’ worth of tokens were released to contributors, the total supply after this full release is now approximately 0.6B EDN.

We are continuously putting all our energy into generating real demand for EDN and building the Eden ecosystem. All the team members at EdenChain have been working hard to move forward and are committed to meeting our roadmap. Now that the tokens are fully released, we will able to dedicate all of our time to developing the EdenChain technology.

As explained in the earlier announcement, the token release did not apply to the lockup of Eden Team tokens. Please refer to the full token release announcement and EDN circulating supply announcement for more information.

Full Token Release Announcement:

EDN Circulating Supply:


In response to the overwhelming love and support that the Eden community has shown us, we prepared a small surprise in return. We randomly selected a few token sale participants and distributed an additional amount of tokens to them. The extra amount has been purchased by the EdenChain team. Unfortunately, the limited supply restricted us to randomly selecting only a small number of people.

Team Eden