Analyze your crypto portfolio for free!

By February 17, 2020 English

analyze your crypto portfolio for free at MoA.Network

Analyze your crypto portfolio for free and start planning your next winning investment!

Earlier this year, our CEO James Ahn announced the direction for EdenChain in 2020: To leverage the advanced ecosystem we’ve been building since launch to provide traders with sophisticated portfolio management tools unlike anything else on the market.

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Today we are excited to launch a brand new webpage for MoA. This is going to be the hub where we announce all the latest updates regarding the development and release of the MoA’s Investment Solutions.

There’s also one more reason why you and all your fellow crypto investors should visit the website: A free tool to analyze your crypto portfolio!

When we spoke with our community we realized the strong desire to minimize the risk of investing in digital assets and build a stable portfolio of digital assets. We wanted to provide our community with something to help them achieve this. Since digital assets are, after all, a type of investment aiming for returns, we believe that the crypto industry can benefit a lot from taking some of the tried and tested investment principles of traditional finance. When investors review their performance in numbers using known metrics (such as Sharpe ratio, risk formula, and ROI), as well as their performance in comparison to other benchmark crypto assets, they will have a better idea as to how they can build a crypto portfolio that is less risk-prone and can perform more stable in volatile and unpredictable conditions.

How to read Crypto Portfolio report

Our free analysis tool does just that. Once you set your parameters, the tool analyzes your portfolio for its risk vs. profit, as well as its relative performance against a benchmark of top crypto assets. You can select up to three tokens at a time.

As the digital asset space moves forward and matures, it’s imperative that trading strategies should also evolve and be informed by objective data and proven metrics. With the upcoming launch of MoA Investment Solutions we are signaling our intention to become a leader in the De-Fi industry. We invite all investors to come and experience what a metric-guided crypto investment strategy can look like with our free analysis tool.

Yes, it is free.

Try it out for free, as many times as you want. If you like it, be sure to spread the word on social media using our hashtags $EDN and #MoA!

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