An Update on Edenchain ICO Token Distribution

By June 5, 2018 English

We thank you again for making our ICO a success. Post-ICO, Edenchain team is continuing to work hard at executing our post-ICO strategy and business development, we would like to share a few important updates on the ICO conducted in the spirit of transparency.

Edenchain token distribution had been carefully planned for to ensure that distribution is well-spread across investors’ profile and geographical location. Each presale investor was carefully selected and deliberated such that they contributed unique value to ensure that Edenchain can succeed as a global blockchain platform for enterprises.

Token Distribution by Rounds
We raised a total of USD 24,019,127 across our three rounds, with 51% of the hard cap sold in Presale Round A, 38% sold in Presale Round B, and 11% to the crowdsale.

Token Distribution by Investor Type
The team also sought to ensure a distribution that would ensure the future success of Eden. We sold exactly 50% of the presale allocations to venture capital funds (31% being crypto-focused funds and 19% from traditional venture capital). A further 23% went to influencers, 12% to business partners, and the remaining 15% to the community.

Such a distribution enabled Edenchain to grow on every front. Cryptocurrency VCs contributes opens doors for collaboration with other blockchain projects. Traditional VCs have impressive portfolios of startups are have keen interest in conducting Reverse ICOs on Edenchain. Our network of influencers helped to grow the community and raised the profile of Edenchain such that we did not have to spend a single dollar on marketing throughout the entire ICO process. Business partners help to develop use-cases for Edenchain. Lastly, our treasured community will form an important part of the ecosystem utilizing applications hosted on Edenchain.

Token Distribution by Geographical Location
Geographical distribution was also something we felt was important – for everyone in the world to be represented. Asia was the biggest bloc at 46%, with 27% from the Greater China region. This was followed by the CIS region at 18%, and the Americas and Europe at 15% each. The remaining 6% came from Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

*Note: Greater China only includes Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Edenchain does not allow citizens of China, United States of America and Iraq to participate in the token sale.

The ICO may be over but we’re not resting on our laurels. The real work starts now, expect some fantastic announcements that we will share with the community in time to come.

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