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In Korea, our core developers are well known for their expertise in the fields of machine learning, big data, and building pioneering technology to bring about tangible improvements in security and efficiency of government organisations and enterprises. Despite their accomplishments in Korea, their names are less spoken of internationally due to differences in language.

Our community had expressed interest to learn more about our developers, and your wishes shall be granted! Take a look at the updated profiles of our founder James Ahn and Jenny Ryoo, and core developers — Hokyun Kim, and Brian Park.

Combined, they have over 50 years of experience in technology, always at the forefront of building and researching on revolutionary technology which can improve security and performance of platforms used by government organisations and enterprises. Given their well-rounded experiences across sectors, we can be sure that EdenChain can become the next generation blockchain platform for all enterprise needs.
Key highlights and achievements by the team can be read in detail below.
James Ahn (aka Ahn Myong Ho)
Years of experience: 20
James worked as CTO at CyberRenassance Inc. (Japan) and later as a representative of MHR and DeepNumbers. He served as a consultant to the NIA Platform, a technical advisor to the National Computing & Information Service, and an advisor to Cloud for the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards.
Through his past achievements, he had displayed the ability to creatively solve limitations in existing system designs, to ensure high availability and high performance of platforms that he had worked on. James is passionate about new technology and has been always on the front of revolutionary changes such as cloud, machine learning, and now, blockchain.

Key Achievements:
• Developed a big data platform for the National Assembly Library (the library manages and preserves the National Assembly records), which stores data of academic materials and books which outsiders can access regardless of the original data structure. The service includes big data abstract module that has two core modules including and user defined analysis model module.

• Designed an algorithm trading system, which collects and analyses stock market data, generating alpha for traders.

• Ensured high availability of a SaaS platform, developed using a method called Essence, as a governmental research project. James used a micro service architecture to ensure that the SaaS was always ready for use worldwide.

• Used machine learning and energy consumption models to monitor and follow resources used by the Cloud DVFS system, to understand power consumption needs in real-time. It was a government research project to understand the adequacy of computing resource and structures the computing zone extract maximum efficiency from the power consumed.

• Built a Cloud provisioning system, using YAML to avail computing resources automatically based on the user’s needs. It was designed to be robust, and depending on the hardware environment, the system can handle thin provisioning, ensuring high performance in the VM.

• As part of a government research project, James designed a big data system which can stream large volumes of data in real-time. Hadoop was unable to handle big data processes in real-time, hence James designed a creative method to enable abstract data to be streamed in real-time, by creating a data source which is then transmitted to an external system. The external system can then use the data source as a database, enabling the development of application system with ease.

• Built a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment using XEN. Guest OS automatically creates necessary resources after window provisioning and automatize environment setup. As it supports powershell, it can make necessary options and various setups depending on the specifications required. The high performance infrastructure can create the necessary environment within one minute using the master-template.

• Implemented a system to improve efficiency of cloud resources in a national college, so that big data students can avail themselves to the resources needed. Computing resource scheduling is important because various big data software programs are operated in cloud. To solve this issue, James developed a Smart Resource Scheduler that selects Host Machine based on the usage of three resources such as Network, CPU and Memory.

• In another government research project to increase energy efficiency, James used real-time metering machine in electronic devices used the office to monitor whether devices were being used. This was measured by the changes in electricity consumption of the devices. The system built by James would then turn enable/disable devices depending real-time data.

• As part of the government research project, James developed a web analytics service, which collects and analyzes various logs that users create on web services and understand the browsing patterns and their interactions with the websites. The core idea of the technology is to create special ID of users, by detecting the movement of the users and detect the movement between pages with delicate timer.

Jenny Ryoo
Years of experience: 10
Throughout Jenny’s career in MHR INC, she had worked closely with the government in various research projects, across various government institutions. Jenny has dedicated her research to technology, conducting in-depth research on enhancing efficiency of existing platforms, connectivity, and studied systems for real time big data processing for the National IT Industry Promotion Agency.
Jenny wrote award-winning bachelor’s and master’s theses at Korea University and Dongguk University, respectively.

Key Achievements
Government Research Projects
• Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) — Development of Customer Analytics Technology, for analyzing customer behavior patterns.
• Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) — Development of Server Power Saving System based on software technology.
• Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) — Development of Green Office Platform system, connectable with smart grid.
• Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) — Development of Real-Time Big Data Analytics Platform (2014 Software Development Support Project, NIPA).
• Korea Institute for Information and Communication Technology Promotion (IITP) /SEMAT — Redefining essence support SW method and developing practice support solution (SW computing original technology development business. IITP), Managing the development
• Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) — Development and commercialization of cloud applicable DVFS base technology, which enables saving server and data power usage by max 20%.

Government Business Projects
• Developed big data analysis service for the activation of knowledge service of national academic information integration data based on the clouds of National Information Society Agency / National Assembly Library

Academic journals and theses on professional academic journals
• Time series pattern recognition using convolution nerve network and variant data, April 2016 (Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering)
• Stochastic Volatility Modeling using Gaussian Process, December 2016(Korea Association of Financial Engineering)
Book published: Establishing algorithm trading system using machine learning (April 2016), Hanvit Media (co-author)

Hokyun Kim
Years of experience: 18

While James and Jenny had extensive experiences in government-related work, Hokyun Kim and Brian Park worked closely with enterprises to use technology to bring about efficiency gains and developing enterprise solutions.

Hokyun is a technology veteran with 18 years of experience. With the wealth of experience he has, Hokyun continues to be at the forefront for ground-breaking technological developments, such as blockchain.

He was the first in the world to develop Saw & PinckandPlace. The fully automated system that performs 3-step manual process, Sawing -> Cleaning -> Visual inspection sorting in the final stage of CSP mass-produce. The process was certified as the world’s leading product by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. We’re excited to see other pioneering achievements that Hokyun will achieve in blockchain development!

Hokyun also had success in developing enterprise products, for instance, the development of SK Telecom’s WAP Mail Gateway, which provides standardized APIs on 7 portals. The product reeled in 200,000 paid subscribers within a month of service launch. Other enterprise products developed by Hokyun includes signal detection and decoding systems, and signal processing algorithms.

Key Achievements
• Developed Saw & PinckandPlace Machine (first in the world). It is a fully automated system which reduces three manual process in CSP production (Sawing -> Cleaning -> vision inspection sorting) to one single process. The system led to a cost-saving of 200 manual labourers.
• Development of SK Telecom Wap Mail GateWay Standardized api for 7 portals (i.e. Daum, Naver, Lycos.). The platform was a huge success and acquired 200K paid subscribers within 1 month of service initiation
• Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) : Development of Real-time Big Data Analytics Platform (Realtime Stream)
• Developed semiconductor factory automation process, “Trim/form Sing’ Machine”
• Developed Micro BGA Auto Singulation Machine
• Development of CTI Solution
• Development of SEC Research Center Security Solution
• Lawgo Application
• Development of Solar Module Inspection System
• Development of Semiconductor Factory Automation PnP Machine
• Development of CSP package EMI shielding Loader and Unloader
• Development of OLED REPAIR Automation System via Laser — Micro-control in micrometer units

Brian Park (aka Park Se Shin)

brian park
Years of Experience: 15
Brian is also a technology veteran, who graduated from Hanyang University and has 15 years of experience building technology platforms. With a gearing towards delivering enterprise solutions, he built a business-dedicated virtual workspace based on the Sandbox virtualization technology for domestic mobile carriers (SK Telecom, KT). At SK Telecom, he developed the Direct Push technology for interworking with Mobile Outlook based on Windows Mobile, and carried out a project for developing the system for analyzing quality of experience of WCDMA video call serviced by SK Telecom (Video Call Analyzer Tester). He also participated in the development of software-based power saving technology applicable to a cloud environment for the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning.

With his experience and eye for quality, we can be assured that he will give his best to delivering EdenChain as a polished blockchain enterprise-ready platform!

Key Achievements
• Established a virtual workspace exclusively for business based on domestic mobile telecommunication companies’ (SK Telecom, KT) Sandbox virtual technology
• Established file transmitting/receiving system between line PCs and PCs in vendor rooms and offices of Samsung Electronics (For security and data exchange controlling the use of auxiliary storage media)
• Developed a system of sharing outside data for Samsung Display
• Established shared storage for staff members of Doosan Infracore through extension
• Developed Direct Push technology for mobile outlook connection based on SK Telecom’s Window Mobile
• Developed SK Telecom’s WCDMA video telephone quality analysis system (Video Call Analyzer Tester)
• Established WCDMA video ARS system for quality measurement of voice and video services at KT mobile Internet environment
• Developed telephone support system IMG (Interworking Media Gateway) BETWEEN WCDMA video telephone and EV-DO video telephone
• Research project: Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning / DVFS based technology development that is applicable to cloud to reduce maximum 20% electric power for server and data usage, December 2015~September 2016 (Industry technology innovation. KETEP)

With the extensive experience of our founders and developers, you can have full confidence that EdenChain will deliver the next generation blockchain platform, developed with enterprise users in mind.
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