The Edenchain Ambassador Program is designed to promote EdenChain to new markets in countries all around the globe. Ambassadors connect EdenChain to prospective business partners and investors, as well as interact with and inform community members in their countries as official representatives of EdenChain.

  • Alex Vilchynskyy


  • Jake Stott


  • Nitesh Khera


  • Sandeep Raheja


  • Aaron Nassiri


  • Abdul Rahman


  • Ariel Mizrahi


  • Marek Fludzinski

    New York

  • Alex Christen


  • Josh Bourone


  • Daewon Oh


  • Jason Lee


  • Jay Sohn


How to qualify as an Ambassador

To qualify as an Ambassador, candidates should possess the following credentials:

  1. An accredited or active investor in the crypto industry
  2. Well-connected to traditional private or public industries
  3. Enthusiastic about EdenChain’s technologies and businesses such as HelloEden
  4. Fluent in English

Gold Tier Ambassador

Ambassadors who have met the following criteria will be regarded as a Gold Tier Ambassador:

  1. Connected Edenchain with more than 2 business partners
  2. Held at least 2 meet-ups or conference
  3. Translated website or technical paper

Gold Tier Ambassadors whose contributions are deemed to be extraordinary will be considered as candidates to become advisors for EdenChain

Rewards for Ambassadors

Official Edenchain Ambassadors will receive EDN tokens (locked for 1 year) based on their tiers

  1. More information regarding token rewards will be provided when you are signed on as an Ambassador

Additional EDN tokens may be given at the full discretion of EdenChain’s management if the contributions of an Ambassador are deemed to be extraordinary

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