A guide to Dorothy vendor

By August 29, 2019 English

On August 9th, we released the upgraded version of Dorothy that had received an extensive makeover to offer better usability to both developers and players. Added features included:

  • – Vendor page for developers
  • – Revamped UI/UX
  • – Dorothy Blog Section
  • – dApp Reviews

Dorothy 2.0 has a lot more to offer, especially to dApp developers who are focusing on improving the quality and business performance of their dApps. Join us for a tour of the newly added Dorothy vendor for developers; we’ll introduce each feature and point you to some useful resources to make the most of them. Once you become familiar with the features, you can take advantage of Dorothy to better manage your dApps and communicate with dApp users.

Find your way around

If you are a developer, whether your dApp has already been listed on Dorothy or not, you can apply for a vendor account in just a few steps. After creating a Dorothy account, go and fill out the vendor application form in the support menu. Once you input your business information, your vendor request will be sent to be approved by the Dorothy Team.

Once your request has been approved, you can access the Dorothy vendor panel as a vendor administrator. Vendor administrators can add or manage new team members to help manage dApps. When you access the Dorothy vendor panel, you’ll see something like this:

Manage your dApp

After you’ve signed up for a Dorothy vendor account, you can upload dApps to Dorothy using Dorothy vendor. You can always edit the information of dApps after they are registered on Dorothy if, for example, you want to remove or disable your dApps, change the status or delete them from your dApp list.

Write a message to your dApp users on the dApp reviews

Dorothy 2.0 allows Dorothy users to write reviews for the dApps they have previously played. You can not only check all the reviews of your dApps but also write a message to your dApp users directly from Dorothy vendor.

Get discovered

Dorothy has search engine friendly features. The text in your dApp information helps users discover your dApp. Use keywords for SEO and make your dApp appear on top of Google search! When filling out your dApp information, make sure to do your research for keywords, and avoid using subtle misspellings of general terms.

Dorothy search is also a key tool for users to find relevant and popular dApps. It also gives a great opportunity for your dApps to be discovered by prospective and new users on Dorothy. By setting keywords on the dApp information page, you can optimize the search in Dorothy.

Stay up to date

EdenChain is planning to add more developer-friendly features such as posting featured stories or creating a dApp page within Dorothy in the near future. There are several ways to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and news from Dorothy: