[Partnership] Dorothy and Bidali

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[Partnership]Dorothy and Bidali

Hello there! Let me ask you a question. Have you recently moved funds across countries? How was your experience? If your experience was subpar, now there is a solution to that headache! Today at Dorothy and Partner, I am so excited to tell you about Bidali, dApp that allows you to accept low-risk crypto-payments from anyone in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Bidali team is convinced that banking and commerce should become a human right. Their website states their mission statement a few sentences. “We believe that the ability to bank and transact is a fundamental human right. Without access to capital, you are entirely isolated and unable to function in today’s society”. The current centralized system indeed poses many obstacles when one tries to transact money to an individual who resides in areas without a reliable central banking system. While we live in the time of global commerce, it is hard to pay honest people for their legitimate work if they happen to live across the globe.

As with the advancement of the blockchain system, the technologies begin to lower the transaction fee and streamlined the process. Bidali thinks that the blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies hold the key to give people more control over their finances. To make that great potential to reality, Bidali is building products that allow people to leverage this technology.

For users

For now, Bidali has two main products: service for users and businesses. Individual Bidali users can purchase gift cards using their cryptocurrencies. How brilliant! While crypto may be alien to many people, buying gift cards (it is, in some way, a token published by companies) is a very familiar concept. What a friendly context for users to get familiarized with blockchain concepts! Bidali offers a great number of gift cards to buy, categorized into areas in which the gift cards are accepted. For instance, a user in Korea can now buy a gift card for IHOP restaurant in America without holding a US bank account and pay only a fraction of transaction fees using Bidali. You can gift it to a friend in the US (if you want), and brag (also if you wish) about how tech-savvy you were during the process.

For businesses

For businesses, Bidali offers a great solution that let you expand your entrepreneurship beyond the reach of the centralized banking system. Thanks to blockchain’s global network with transparent and immutable history, you can increase cash flow while decrease fraud. Bidali is also flexible to your need. When you code your page, the company offers Bidali Checkout and Bidali Commerce which you can integrate into your webpage. Are you using an already established platform, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Magento, and more? Bidali offers plugins that can run on those systems.

We believe that the ability to bank and transact is a fundamental human right. Without access to capital, you are entirely isolated and unable to function in today’s society. -Bidali

Dorothy is proud of our partner, Bidali, for their drive and work. As Bidali mentions, we also believe that everyone should have easy access to global capital markets, without high fees and repression. We wish Bidali the best, and all their clienteles that also dream a world with a more open, secure, and efficient global transaction system.

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